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Research Fellow,
University of Oxford,

Phonetics Laboratory,

Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics

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Google Scholar; my Research page

I received my PhD in 2002 at UCLA. My dissertation, Quantifier scope and the role of intonation in Greek, was supervised by Sun-Ah Jun. My M.A. thesis, Focus in Greek, also at UCLA, was supervised by Anna Szabolcsi.

Research Interests

The areas I work on include phonetics, phonology, morphophonology, intonation and pragmatics,​ Greek dialects, dialectology, sociophonetics, intonation variability and change, the systematic analysis of the prosodic and intonational structure of Greek​, and the interface of intonation with pragmatics, semantics, and syntax.

Academic positions


I have taught at several universities including (from most recent) the University of Oxford and UCL in the  UK, University of Ioannina and University of Crete in Greece, and at UCLA in the US.


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